Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Improved access to insulin pumps in Scotland

Taken from JDRF UK

JDRF welcomes the news that all eligible under eighteens with type 1 diabetes in Scotland will now have access to insulin pumps. The Scottish Government has said it is committing funding of at least £1 million to help NHS Boards deliver pumps to under eighteens who need them, as well as tripling the amount of pumps available to all people with the condition in Scotland.

Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon made the announcement saying, ‘Insulin pumps mean freedom from having multiple insulin jabs a day - giving Scotland's youngest diabetics a normal childhood. By the end of March 2013, this treatment will be made available to the 480 children and teens struggling with type 1 diabetes who could benefit from it. Over the next three years, NHS Boards will also increase the number of insulin pumps available to all Scots to 2,000, tripling the current amount.

‘Diabetes is a growing problem for Scotland - around 10 per cent per cent of overall hospital expenditure relates to diabetes treatment and complications. Not dealing effectively with diabetes can cause long term health problems and we need to make sure that the youngest people with type 1 diabetes get the best possible treatment as early as possible.’

Karen Addington, Chief Executive of JDRF said: ‘This is good news for young people with type 1 in Scotland. Insulin pump therapy can help people manage their condition more effectively and reduce the risk of the devastating long term complications of type 1.

JDRF is focused on improving lives, until we find the cure, and we have been campaigning for some time for improved access to pumps. We are delighted that Scotland is taking the lead in providing excellent treatment for people with type 1 and we hope to see similar improvements across the rest of the UK in the future.’ 

Hypo's and Food

The hypo's continued pretty much all weekend, although thankfully we only had that one night time hypo, been a struggle to get his blood sugars to stay level so been a hectic weekend!

Snacks with mainly porridge to keep his bloods level which has worked, he isn't too amused at eating it though!

We did have a high today of 17, this was at school at lunchtime, but this has settled down a bit now, hoping no more bad hypo's this week...

He has his second activity day coming up on Friday so got to totally rethink his packed lunch, he is doing his canoeing or archery, so going to make him some hobnobs, these are the MSE (moneysavingexpert) famous hobnobs, my mum is famous on there lol she was tickled pink when she got a mention on the MSE newsletter!

The recipe for the hobnobs is below,  ps i like to adjust the sugar is this recipe to suit my son plus add cinnamon to them

These are so yummy and are calculated at having 2 points if you are following weight watchers, i make these with butter but if made with marg will be 1.5.

I also put in 1.5 tsp of cinnamon.

8oz sr flour
8oz sugar
8oz porridge oats
8oz margarine/butter
1tbsp golden syrup
1tbsp hot water
1/2 tsp bic soda

Mix flour, oats and sugar, melt marg, syrup and water in a pan stir in bic soda and add to dry mix, mix well, make smallish balls and put on greased tray and flatten slightly with a fork, 180oc for 15 mins, cool on the tray, you just want them golden in oven not brown.


Saturday, 25 February 2012


My son's blood sugar's were pretty much on the low side yesterday, so was worried he would have a hypo attack at some point, he hasn't had a bad episode in a very long time, hypo's that he do have are manageable and he knows pretty much when he is having one.

Fast forward to 12.30am and he comes stumbling through to my bedroom saying he doesn't feel great and that he might be low, check his blood and it is 3.7, so gave him 2 glucotabs and a snack to try and get his blood up, 20 mins later recheck his blood and it has dropped to 3.0! he starts shivering and very unsteady on his feet at this point, starts mumbling to himself so gave him 2 more glucotabs and some lucozade to see if that will get his blood up, finally it went up to 4.7, sat down for a bit with him to calm him down and he recovered enough for me to say he would be fine to go up to bed.

Did i sleep much last night? no not at all, constantly worrying about if he would have another hypo and if he would be ok, hypo's are bad enough through the day, but at night time? scary just doesn't cut it!

I'm still shaking a bit and this is the absolute worst part in dealing with diabetes, its all the more scary because he hasn't had a night time hypo in years, the last bad one was when he was about 5 or 6 when he used to get daily night time hypo's in which his whole left side was paralysed and was unresponsive, since changing onto lantus he hasn't had one episode like this.

This morning he has a bad headache and not feeling too good, blood sugars been checked at least 3 times so far but all ok, i am hoping he doesn't get another hypo tonight.

So what is hypoglycemia?

This is a condition when your blood glucose levels fall below 4mmol, the brain needs a continuous supply of glucose to function. The brain neither stores nor manufactures glucose.

Symptoms are:

Being pale
Feeling weak
Irrational and disorderly behaviour (similar to somebody who is drunk)
Feeling hungry
Higher heart rate than normal
Blurred vision
Temporary loss of consciousness
Coma (in serious cases)

One episode that i will always remember is when he was about 3 and had a hypo when we were in having lunch at asda, he wasn't aware of his surroundings and was very angry, on checking his blood and trying to put hypo gel on the inside of his cheeks (this is pretty horrid stuff as he hated the taste of it) so what did he do? slapped me right across the face! restaurant was busy at this point and could feel people watching but didn't give them the time of day, why should i explain that he isn't being bad, he is completely unaware of what he is doing! me? i completely ignored what he had done and kept on trying to get his blood sugar up.

EDIT - The hypo's keep on coming, 3.0 at lunchtime and then later 2.7, the latter one he didnt notice, i noticed him stumbling and said to check his blood, he replies why?? not looking good for tonight!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

HbA1c and why its important...

I explained my sons HbA1c was 9.5% and this was quite high showing poor control of diabetes, this result shows what his blood glucose has been like the past few months.

Glucose tends to stick to red blood cells and the more glucose in the blood, the more the number of red cells have glucose on its surface. Normally 4 to 6 red cells in 100 have glucose attached to its surface; hence the range of HbA1c in a normal person is 4 to 6%.

The higher the figure the more chance you will get of complications to your  heart, blood vessels, kidneys, brain, nerves, eyes and feet.

This is why it is important to get the HbA1c down to a normal level, my son's result has been high for way too long and action needs taken now, we are on the MDI regime (multiple dose injection ) and even on 5 x injections daily, it isnt making much of a dent in getting it lowered.

Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes:

  • Nocturnal Enuresis (night time bed-wetting)
  • Polydipsia (excessive thirst)
  • Polyuria (frequent urination)
  • Weight Loss
  • Abdominal pain
  • Vomiting
  • Unusual hunger
  • Lethargy (abnormal lack of energy)
  • Kussmaul Breathing (rapid laboured breathing)
  • Blurred vision
  • Fruity breath
  • Candidiasis (thrush infections)
  • Dehydration (sunken in eyes, dry skin, dry mucous membranes)
  • Confusion
  • Flu-like symptoms
Summing up:
  • Bedwetting at night in a previously “dry” child, is one of the commonest symptoms
  • Frequent urination and excessive drinking (polyuria, polydipsia)
  • Weight loss
  • A single immediate capillary blood glucose tests with a value above 11.1  mmol/L indicates diabetes.
  • Refer children with raised blood glucose levels to secondary care the same day.
  • Do not wait for other tests (blood /urine) as this may allow  DKA to occur.

Hope is in a Cure...

Would like to share this video with you all, that a fellow parent has made and it just says it all, please watch...

For those that think diabetes is easy, then think again, it is a constant battle every single minute of the day, this is heartbreaking to me as my son was diagnosed at age 2 in DKA and so nearly lost him, please if you can in whatever way, support JDRF in their vital work on research and trying to find a cure for T1's everywhere.

Thanks you x

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Diabetic Clinic

Today was my son's diabetic clinic and like i thought it wasn't going to be good news, his hba1c is 9.5, although a tad down from 9.7 which it was before but still high though.

The consultant was not happy with his blood sugars so an extra unit of novorapid at lunchtime and 2 extra units of lantus at night time, last had it increased 2 weeks ago.

So on to how to get his blood sugars into single figures, consultant said we are to change to carb counting, we had thought about doing this before but never got much support from our previous diabetic nurse so never got round to it.

Sessions will be held at the hospital so support will be given there, its the sheer thought of it, having to calculate the carbs in each meal and give insulin to the amount of carbs. It is just so daunting at the minute but know we need to get his control sorted out.

My main worry is what do we do when we go to Florida for 3 weeks, how easy or hard is it gonna be to work out the meals, considering we will be eating out at restaurants, some restaurants do have nutritional info online but not all, this is the way forward though as we constantly battle trying to get insulin levels right. If this helps even just a little bit then it will be worth it.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Downside to dieting...

Still exhausted so looks like it wasn't lack of exercise, every day since then i have been struggling with tiredness, keep falling asleep and lightheaded, today i have been dizzy on and off throughout the day, so going to get checked out at dr's to check if im getting enough iron :(

I feel pretty bad, you know something has to be done when you get near to tears due to how tired you are!

Have suffered with anaemia in the past, as a former vegan i don't eat much red meat, very little actually and even other foods rich in iron i don't tend to have which is bad i know!

Good sources of iron include:

wholemeal bread
dried fruit

So from that list i only occasionally eat eggs, can sometimes go weeks without eating eggs, bread im trying to cut back on but make our own anyway so lack of iron there, i have cheerios in the morning at the moment as that's fortified with vitamins and minerals, haven't checked the iron level in that if any!

No dried fruit, heard apricots are good and to drink orange juice to help with absorption of iron, I'm lucky if i get to see any orange juice as kids pinch it lol!

Beef, well i eat mince but only if i have to :( i bet your all thinking what the heck i do eat lol total overhaul of my diet is drastically needed! nuts and seeds will have to be introduced, as is dried fruit, more red meat :( more egg based dishes and overall eat more fruit and veg!

Will just have to wait and see what dr suggests when i see him next week...

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Update 16/02

This weeks weight loss is 1.4lbs, making a total loss so far of 9lbs!!

Had a bad day on Tuesday, for my valentines treat i got treated to a takeaway curry, was yummy though! didn't have a naan bread though when normally i would have, hoping it doesn't affect me weight wise though, find out on Monday!

Been really struggling with exercise this week, putting it off and finding excuses and as a result i seem to have lost the will to do anything! been so tired and feeling down, so made the effort this morning to do 20 mins of aerobics, went better than i thought as was able to it more high impact, legs feeling the pain now though yikes

Feeling a bit more alert now, just shows that exercise is better for you in more ways than one, been doing my daily 20 mins walks but that obviously was not enough for me...

Fantastic news on my son, blood sugars still a bit up and down, but still keeping at the routine of 5 x insulin injection, keeping a record etc but that isn't the news i have though! we got a letter home last week to say he is 1 out of 6 pupils in the whole school to be rewarded for his behaviour, effort and attitude and he is going to have 6 days off school taking part in outdoor activities, this couldn't have come at a better time for him, what with the issues recently with his diabetes, it has shown him that he can do it and his diabetes will not stand in the way of whatever he wants to achieve, i would be proud of him anyway even without diabetes but the fact that he has his diabetes to contend with as well, the constant finger pricks, the hypo's, the hyper's etc  i just cant describe how much this means to us :D

I worry constantly what his future will be like, i know i shouldn't as others keep telling me, but i do as i cant help it, but research has come such a long way and hopefully one day there may be a total cure or at best something that will ease it somehow.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Update 06/02

Weigh day today and pleased to say i have lost 1lb! absolutely no exercise was done last week due to looking after my youngest son who was ill with a viral bug, now recovered thankfully and managed a 5 mile walk today with hubby.

So a total loss of 7.9lb so far!! even had a visit to pizza hut at the weekend but made sure i didn't eat too badly, would normally have a deep pan pizza with cheesy bites but ordered a regular italian and had a few slices of that as had the blazin inferno, normally that isn't too hot but this time it was scorching yikes!

The nutritional info for pizza hut is on line so was able to work out what i would be having in advance, at the salad bar i was thinking of going for cous-cous but saw this was more calories than the potato salad so had a bit of that instead and filled up with veggies as well.

After my walk today i am feeling more shaky and legs are hurting badly, think it was the fact that i had to keep avoiding all the ice on the path as nearly slipped a few times!

Next fantastic news is that my son has controlled his blood sugar levels and is taking a better interest in what he is eating, he is keeping up with the recording his blood sugars in his book although he did have a hypo this evening, down to 3.4, lows don't happen too often these days but they pretty much hit him for six when he does get them.

I am eager to see what his hba1c is but have to wait another 2 weeks for clinic, but upping the insulin and watching what he eats has worked great, not perfect but we are on the right track.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Approved Food

Ok so came across this via mse (moneysavingexpert) website and ordered my first goodies, majority of foods are past their best before dates so thought i would give it a try and see what it was like, only thing off putting was the fact i got charged £10.50 for delivery, i am nowhere near the highlands of Scotland!!

Order came to a grand total of £30 and a huge box was delivered this morning on the date given to me from approved food so great delivery from them there.

Ordered tins, jars, big box of biscuits and lots more and took some pics so you can see what you get, im really happy with it actually, was a bit apprehensive to start with but have already put in a second order and may put in a third pretty soon, plus found my fave cous cous there that i normally buy in bulk from Costco, the cous-cous is great as this fills me up and is great for healthy eating and love the taste!

Update 02/02

All calmed down a bit with my son, blood sugars settled down yesterday to a good level, started off at 14 but averaging between 5 and 9 which is fantastic, although injecting into his tummy is painful for him even with the 4mm needle, he seemed better with it yesterday so hoping its just a case of getting used to it.

He is writing down all his blood sugar results and doing his injection before his evening snack, so he is now on a 5 x injection daily routine.

A great site i came across via the cwd (children with diabetes) mailing lists was a research group currently running two projects - diabetes and parenting support and diabetes and parenting survey.

The diabetes and parenting support research is to see if triple p resources can help provide useful support to adolescents with diabetes, sibling and parents. Triple p will contain useful resources that will address common themes that are associated with chronic conditions including family stress, helping siblings cope and anxiety.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Meeting with Diabetes Nurse

Well good news was that she didn't think his bloods were too high as she said she had seen worse! but high enough that action needs to be taken now so lantus has been upped by 2 units and his leg has gone lumpy as he keeps injecting in the same leg all the time, so been advised to start injecting in his tummy which he hates as last time it was painful for him, she gave him a box of 4mm needles as he uses 6mm at the moment.

She explained about the need for insulin to him just before a big snack, anything more than 1 thing and it needs insulin so that's just his evening snack and that will cover that, he started off well today with his blood sugars but by teatime and evening it has risen quite a lot, also need to pinpoint the foods that are affecting his blood sugars.

We are also starting to carb count so she is arranging with the dietitian for him to get started on this, its not gonna be easy but main concern is getting his blood sugars to a good level and that he feels 100% again and not constantly tired and moody all the time like he is the now.

Will be interesting to see what his hba1c is when he has clinic next month.

Diabetes Woes

More problems have arisen again with my son's diabetes, found out last night he has not been doing his insulin that he has before his evening snack, he was very edgy about it when i asked him, so this could be a reason also for his high blood sugars

Got in touch with diabetes nurse yesterday and we are due to see her today, to hash things out basically and also to check his injection sites, he also has a habit of not rotating sites.

His blood sugars have come down a bit since this was all out in the open plus making sure he took his pre snack insulin last night, let's just hope there are no other surprises lurking!

February Competition

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Monday, 30 January 2012

Update 30/01

Weigh day and have lost 1.4lbs, taking the total loss up to 6.9lbs to date

Havent been able to do much exercise this week due to kids being ill but hope to get started again mid week, been eating a bit more and had a meal out on wednesday so am really happy with my loss.

Clothes starting to feel looser and it feels great!!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Eff Off, Diabetes!

Diabetes is a heck of a lot of work, if anyone tells you everything is peachy, they are lying!

Everything had been running along not too bad, ok my son has constant hypo's and the odd hyper's (or so i thought) but all manageable, have been doing this since he was 2, we have always been quite open with type 1 and the complications, the causes and the why me's - that was until a couple of days ago when my son tells me his whole side of his body had been feeling numb and tingly, his arms and feet the worst, plus telling me he couldn't feel when he scratched his head.

So asked him to check his blood sugars, was at 17!! ok so start to panic as worried it may be connected to his high blood sugars, quiz at him some more and he lets me know he has been having sugary snacks at school for quite a while now!! he hasn't been in the way of showing me his blood sugars so i check his bloods for the last few weeks and yep they are way higher than they should be overall, oh what a surprise they are at the highest at just before lunchtime on school days!

Under no circumstances is he allowed to have that much sugary stuff and he knows this! he seems to  think he is invincible and it wont affect him one bit, WRONG!

Hopefully he has got the message now but bloods have been all over the place the last few days, hypo again this morning and even more hyper's, clinic next month and just know his hba1c is gonna be higher, we had got it reduced at last clinic visit, keeping everything crossed it isn't too high

He has so much to deal with, the constant finger pricks a day, 4 injections daily and will be like this for the rest of his life, hope and pray every day that a cure is found, and my exact feeling on diabetes is shown on the below pic:

Monday, 23 January 2012

Update 23/01

Weigh day today with a 1.5lb loss!! taking me to a total loss of 5.5lb which is fantastic!

Today has been a hard one for some reason, didnt manage a walk this morning as was very icy so walk postponed until tomorrow, i have been starving all day though! plus not been drinking enough, this i really struggle with so had a bit of a headache today, hoping tomorrow is better

Food i have eaten today:

Breakfast - Cereal with semi-skimmed milk

Lunch - Sandwich with wafter thin chicken spread with clover

Dinner - Home made macaroni cheese

Snacks - 2 bananas

plus about 5 cups of water roughly, looking back on what ive eaten, i could have included some veg and had a bit more to eat, plan for tomorrow :D

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Update 21/01

This week has been good for exercise, so far i have had two 5 mile walks, the one today wasn't so hard on me but the weather wasn't very good to say the least! had to avoid the sheets of ice, came on sleet and then rain, so was pretty fun trying to stay dry lol

My weight loss this week was 1lb, weigh day on Monday and would love to see another loss!

Diet going well and have reduced portions down and drinking loads more water now, tonight's dinner was Shepherd's pie, all homemade of course :D

I do worry though that some days I'm not getting enough calories, sometimes it is hard figuring out the exact calories of what I'm having as i make all my own meals, roughly estimating but must be doing something right as I'm losing weight :D

Rest day tomorrow from exercising and maybe another 5 mile walk on Monday, haven't exercised this much in years!

Still cant believe i haven't had any chocolate in weeks, i just don't miss it at all!

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Florida Plans

Ok so as you will know by now, i love my Florida hols and try to go at least once a year - latest trip planned for October and going for 3 weeks, our 4th trip so still got loads to visit, everytime we go there is something new!

This time slightly different as we are doing a 8 or so hour drive to Pensacola because my boys want to visit the naval aviation museum, never visited that part of Florida before so looking forward to seeing what its gonna be like :D

Other plans include all the disney parks, epcot food and wine festival, universal, showcase of citrus, cirque du soleil show,legoland, staying a night at a disney hotel and loads of shopping! fave shops are walmart, yankee candle, trend at downtown disney (fantastic tinkerbell clothes there!) and loads more...

Plan on doing a number of restaurants, incudes longhorn steakhouse, cheesecake factory (my absolute must do!)yoders, san angel inn, sweet tomatoes etc

Although no olive garden!!!! every time i have been there, i always get sick after! i dont know why!

Some pics from our past Florida hols: